Organic Green Curry Paste

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Green curry is called 'Gaeng Kiew Warn' in Thai. Green curry gets its unique flavour and colour from green chilies and is most popularly served with kanom jin (rice vermicelli) in Thailand.

How to use:
Thai green curry can be made with all kinds of ingredients. The more popular ones are made with eggplant, bamboo shoot, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu or mock meats. This dish is usually eaten with rice as part of a wide range of dishes in a meal. It can also be served with roti and rice vermicelli noodles as well.


Organic Green Chili 
Organic Shallots 
Organic Garlic 
Organic Lemongrass 
Organic Galangal 
Organic Lesser galangal 
Organic Coriander root 
Organic Kaffir lime Skin 
Organic Thai Basil 
Organic Turmeric 
Organic Spice 
Organic Coconut Sugar 
Citric Acid(E330)





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