Organic Coconut Flower Nectar

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Organic Coconut Flower Nectar (500g)

Low GI / low-fructose / diabetic-friendly 

  • A VEGAN ALTERNATIVE TO HONEY with lower fructose content than agave, rice malt and maple syrups. 
  • Our ‘Coconut Flower Nectar’ is produced from the nutrient-rich sap of coconut flower blossoms.
  • The low Glycemic Index (GI) makes it a healthy alternative to other sweeteners; an ideal replacement for sugar, honey & other sweeteners.
  • It is rich in naturally inherent minerals, including potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which promote bone health and regulates blood pressure.
  • The presence of inulin (a type of fibre) helps to support good bacteria in the gut, which improves digestion, promotes a healthy weight and reduces cholesterol.
  • Research shows that regular, moderate use of coconut flower nectar helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression!
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