Our Journey and Goals

Chef Na’s story began in Thailand, 2003, when she was awarded a scholarship from the Thai government, entitled “Thai Food for the World”. She started creating Thai sauces in Thailand and was featured in a prominent business newspaper, however, chef Na was invited to Melbourne to create Thai vegan menus for vegan restaurants and gladly accepted. Arriving in Melbourne during 2011, chef Na quickly fell in-love with Melbourne and our vegan food-scene. 

Not long after arriving in Melbourne, chef Na met her now husband and business partner, Frankie – who was in a vegan restaurant, ordering one of chef Na’s creations when they met. Both vegan, and both dissatisfied with the options available for vegans or health-conscious consumers, chef Na and Frankie decided they would like to create the very products that they themselves would like to purchase – plant-based, sustainably sourced, organic, and non-GMO for example. It was in that moment that Chef Na’s Plant-Based Kitchen was born. 

Many years went into the design and re-design of the products, for they had to match our philosophy and ethics; we oppose animal cruelty in all forms, we live strict vegan lifestyles and have avoided animal-based products for a minimum of 10 years, and we believe that our purchases cast deterministic votes that consequentially shape future choices and future options. Chef Na’s Plant-Based Kitchen is also fully committed to sustainability, and we are currently seeking out new ways of achieving this goal. Ultimately, Chef Na’s Plant-Based Kitchen has been designed by a professional vegan chef, made for everyone seeking a healthier, cruelty-free, restaurant quality choice while being dedicated to a sustainable paradigm.

Recipes from the kitchen

Roast Pumpkin & Carrot with Panang Curry Sauce

Saruttaya Lakchai


Jungle Curry

Saruttaya Lakchai


Aromatic Yellow Curry

Saruttaya Lakchai


Massaman Curry with Potato and Tofu

Saruttaya Lakchai


Pad Thai made with Egyptian Spinach Noodles

Saruttaya Lakchai


Tom Yum Soup made with Egyptian Spinach Noodles

Saruttaya Lakchai


Red Curry with Egyptian Spinach Noodles

Saruttaya Lakchai


Green Curry made with Egyptian Spinach Noodles

Saruttaya Lakchai


Massaman Curry Pies

Saruttaya Lakchai

Makes: 8-10 Ingredients: 1 tbsp    Vegetable oil    20g         Chef Na’s Massaman Curry Paste                      ...

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